Geay (Dennis Aubrey)

There has been so much damage to the Romanesque monuments in the Saintonge region of France – the Hundred Years War was brutal, and then the wars of religion and the French Revolution continued the devastation – that it is difficult to find a church that has not been substantially rebuilt in the area. One […]

Modest Discoveries (Dennis Aubrey)

Craig Shier wrote to us last week about our post on the Église Saint Gal de Langast, “It’s great that you are documenting these “lesser” churches. There was tremendous diversity beyond that seen in the “great” churches.” We have already shot 37 churches in our two weeks in France this year, and of those, 30 […]

To Reveal or Conceal (Dennis Aubrey)

This post originated from an interesting conversation that I recently had with Robert Consoli, who has a site called Squinchpix. Robert has as passionate a dedication to documenting and archiving European archaeological and architectural sites as PJ and I have in our more narrow field of specialization, the Romanesque and Gothic churches. The conversation centered […]

Saint-Avit-Sénieur (Dennis Aubrey)

It’s all about research. One fact about my family is that we love research. My brother John Paul is a professional researcher. Brother David is a Ph.D. oceanographer and has hundreds of publications to his name. Sister Ann is a writer/editor and has innumerable titles on her resumé. I’m not in their league, but make […]

Fall Trip to France 2011

PJ and I are preparing for our next trip to France to shoot the churches. We just finished prepping the electronic gear (computers, hard drives, cables, IPads, etc.). The cameras have been sent to Canon Professional Services for routine maintenance, lenses are ready. Last year we did a post on Our Procedures in France – […]