Our safety net (Dennis Aubrey)

As readers of this blog know, we recently narrowly escaped a major disaster when I accidentally deleted this blog in April. A supposedly unrecoverable event was saved by the good people at WordPress. Whew. But it got me thinking, what happens if we lose our actual photographs? We have a 14 terabyte RAID 10 array […]

Geay (Dennis Aubrey)

There has been so much damage to the Romanesque monuments in the Saintonge region of France – the Hundred Years War was brutal, and then the wars of religion and the French Revolution continued the devastation – that it is difficult to find a church that has not been substantially rebuilt in the area. One […]

Allier (Dennis Aubrey)

I have always thought of the central French department of the Allier as a place one goes through on the way to somewhere else. We learned differently after three and a half days centered on the town of Ygrande near Bourbon-l’Archambault where we found a cluster of churches that ranged from spectacular abbeys to modest […]