We’re off! (Dennis Aubrey)

Today PJ and I leave for France and another adventure shooting our beloved Romanesque churches.  Brittany and Normandy are first – we should have something to post in a few days. About three weeks ago we posted on the itinerary of this trip, so if you are interested you can follow our progress. I have […]

The Rhythms of Romanesque (Dennis Aubrey)

The rhythms of Romanesque architecture are often the product of what I like to refer to as deep harmonies and deep symmetries. These are architectural features that are not necessarily visible to the eye at first glance, but of which the eye gradually grows aware and even more gradually appreciates. There were rhythmic expressions even […]

Anzy-le-Duc – the Great Survivor (Dennis Aubrey)

We have often remarked how astonishing it is that France still holds 5,000 Romanesque churches from the 11th and 12th centuries. They have survived war, accident, nature, religious strife, revolution, and age while standing proudly in the French countryside. One of these survivors is the priory church in Anzy-le-Duc. The first church on this site […]

Saint-Avit-Sénieur (Dennis Aubrey)

It’s all about research. One fact about my family is that we love research. My brother John Paul is a professional researcher. Brother David is a Ph.D. oceanographer and has hundreds of publications to his name. Sister Ann is a writer/editor and has innumerable titles on her resumé. I’m not in their league, but make […]