A New England Church in Winter

4R1W8316.tif | Via Lucis Photography. PJ and I spent part of the weekend in the Lexington-Concord area of Massachusetts and took some shots of the local churches in the winter weather.  It was bitter cold outside, about 10 degrees, but beautiful.  PJ got a chance to try out the new Canon 24mm TSII and when […]

Cathédrale de Saint Pierre, Poitiers (Vienne)

Saint Pierre nave.tif | Via Lucis Photography. This is the Angevin cathedral built by Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine (I almost said Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn).  It is a wonderful example of Angevin Gothic and is graced with one of the most beautiful examples of medieval stained glass, the Crucifixion window at the […]

Chancel, Trinity Church, Boston

Trinity chancel.tif | Via Lucis Photography. We are lucky that there are some magnificent churches in our area – Old South Church and Trinity Church in Boston, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church and the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in Providence, among many others.  Henry Hobson Richardson’s Trinity Church is one of our favorites, echoing as […]

Cloisters (Dennis Aubrey)

The Romanesque church was primarily monastic in origin and nothing demonstrates this more than the cloisters. Derived from the Roman atrium that opened up before the main entrance of the basilica, it was originally a place of instruction where novitiates could learn the mysteries of the religion before being granted membership in the congregation. This […]

Architectural lenses (Dennis Aubrey)

PJ and I use Canon full-frame sensor cameras for our work (1dsMkIII and the original 5D) so we use Canon lenses almost exclusively. This article will detail which lenses we use for the different tasks in shooting churches and cathedrals. There is a caveat, of course. Since we travel across the Atlantic and in France […]

Those who precede … (Dennis Aubrey)

The Via Lucis collection of photographs of Romanesque churches has historical precedents, of course. There are thousands and thousands of photographs in existence, many of them superb professional images, but there are two great historical collections that I would like to honor in this post. As discussed in previous posts, the French government established the […]

A view above (Dennis Aubrey)

This is another quick mini-post to sing the praises of the Canon 17mm tilt-shift lens. The lens has proven a revelation for the churches over here, perfect for capturing the full horizontal and vertical scope. As shown in a previous post, “The Celestial Vault”, it is excellent for capturing vaulting. This photo shows how the […]