A Sacred Site in Maubourguet (Dennis Aubrey)

Humans have inhabited Maubourguet continuously since neolithic times, attracted by its location on a small hill between the convergence of the Adour and the Echez rivers. But for our purposes, the history begins with a 6th century Paleo-Christian church with a single nave and a pentagonal apse built on the remains of a large Gallo-Roman […]

The Monk in the Morvan Forest (Dennis Aubrey)

We are finally home again after two months photographing in France, Spain, and even a little bit of Italy. We drove 6,960 kilometers during that time at an arrive speed of 51 kilometers an hour, which translates to 4,344 miles and a dazzling 32 miles per hour. This demonstrates the narrowness of the country roads […]

Anzy-le-Duc – the Great Survivor (Dennis Aubrey)

We have often remarked how astonishing it is that France still holds 5,000 Romanesque churches from the 11th and 12th centuries. They have survived war, accident, nature, religious strife, revolution, and age while standing proudly in the French countryside. One of these survivors is the priory church in Anzy-le-Duc. The first church on this site […]