A Gatehouse and Westwork in the Romanesque architecture of Germany – Guest post by Jong-Soung Kimm

One of the earliest examples of the Carolingian architecture, if not the earliest, is the gatehouse for a former Benedictine abbey in Lorsch (between Worms and Darmstadt, Hesse) of ca.764 AD. It has come down to this day remarkably intact, belying its building in the mid-eighth century. Although it has been called Torhalle, the structure […]

Abbey Church of St. Servatius, Quedlinburg (Jong-Soung Kimm)

The Abbey on Burgberg of Quedlinburg (pronounced Kvedlinbuerg) was founded in 936 by Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor, at the request of his mother Queen Mathilda (later canonized as Saint Mathilda) in honor of Mathilda’s late husband and Otto’s father, King Heinrich I (Henry the Fowler) for unmarried daughters of nobility. Until its secularization in […]

The Palatine Chapel (Jong-Soung Kimm)

Charlemagne was crowned Roman Emperor on Christmas day, 800 in the old St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. He had ruled over Franks and Lombards from present-day France, and had planned to relocate the seat of his power further to east, closer to where he had been engaged in ongoing battles with the Saxons for three […]

Saint Michael’s Church, Hildesheim (Jong-Soung Kimm)

Situated on the Michaelshugel at the western edge of the historic core of Hildesheim, St. Michael’s Church (Michaelskirche) was built between 1010 and 1031 as the abbey church of a Benedictine monastery. Bishop Bernward, a tutor and adviser to Otto III, founded the monastery, and is believed to have had a strong influence on the […]