✿ If I could be … ✿ (Dennis Aubrey)

If I were the photographer I wanted to be, would it be Helmar Lerski, whose faces burn into one’s soul with a “harsh and beautiful light”? Would I be Edouard Boubat, who made the ordinary marvelous? Certainly I would have thought that faces would be my subject, looking for the elusive and dangerous soul. But […]

✿ Gofridus me fecit ✿ (PJ McKey)

One incredible feature of Romanesque art in all forms is the fact that the creators are, for the most part, anonymous. No headlines, no public tributes or fame acknowledge their skill and accomplishments. It was enough to create for the greater glory and love of God. The capital sculpture in the churches offers a clear […]

✿ Lessons in Stone (Dennis Aubrey) ✿

In early October last year, PJ and I returned to Conques for two days. While there, we saw something that took us back to the origins of this great pilgrimage church. In the late morning, I was photographing the tympanum over the west portal. This sculpture has the same subject as many similar works, the […]

Bourbon-l’Archambault (Dennis Aubrey)

We’ve described the Allier department in France as a place that we go through on the way to someplace else, but this year we decided to spend time there to capture a cluster of important Romanesque structures just west of Moulins. The first church we visited was in the town of Bourbon-l’Archambault, the home of […]

Modest Discoveries (Dennis Aubrey)

Craig Shier wrote to us last week about our post on the Église Saint Gal de Langast, “It’s great that you are documenting these “lesser” churches. There was tremendous diversity beyond that seen in the “great” churches.” We have already shot 37 churches in our two weeks in France this year, and of those, 30 […]