Potty Boy (Dennis Aubrey)

This is one of our favorite photographs and certainly the most popular. It is a small capital on the altar at the Église Notre Dame de Mailhat in the Puy-de-Dôme. PJ, who names everything, decided that he deserved a moniker and “Potty Boy” he became.

Saint-Hilaire-la-Croix (Dennis Aubrey)

We have often remarked about how many Romanesque gems are found in the Puy-de-Dôme department of the Auvergne. Last week we posted about the small abbey church Église Sainte-Croix in Veauce. Today’s post is the 12th Century Église Notre-Madeleine in the tiny town (population 307) of Saint-Hilaire-la-Croix, just eight short miles due south of Veauce. […]

Gofridus me fecit (PJ McKey)

One incredible feature of Romanesque art in all forms is the fact that the creators are, for the most part, anonymous. No headlines, no public tributes or fame acknowledge their skill and accomplishments. It was enough to create for the greater glory and love of God. The capital sculpture in the churches offers a clear […]