The Monk in the Morvan Forest (Dennis Aubrey)

We are finally home again after two months photographing in France, Spain, and even a little bit of Italy. We drove 6,960 kilometers during that time at an arrive speed of 51 kilometers an hour, which translates to 4,344 miles and a dazzling 32 miles per hour. This demonstrates the narrowness of the country roads […]

The Destruction of History (Dennis Aubrey)

So many times we have written about the destruction of the great Romanesque and Gothic churches that we photograph. The litanies are endless and the wars tiresome in their repetition. The Hundred Years War, the Wars of Religion, the French Revolution, World War I and World War II have all taken a huge toll on […]

Paul Abadie and the Restoration of the Cathédrale Saint Pierre d’Angoulême (Dennis Aubrey)

The French adore their history and patrimony and it should come as no surprise that they initiated the first national program of preserving their monuments. The government established the Commission des Monuments Historiques in 1837 and poet and writer Prosper Mérimée, author of Carmen and other works, was appointed the first Inspector General of Monuments. […]

A Guest Post by Douglas Read

Via Lucis is fortunate enough to have another guest post by a distinguished contributor. Tomorrow’s post is by Douglas Read, a Scottish architect who specializes in the restoration and conservation of buildings of historical importance, a subject near and dear to our hearts here at this blog. His post is an excellent survey of the […]