The Mason of God (Dennis Aubrey)

In a world where what passes for news are articles about the megalomaniac Donald Trump, the Kardashians, and the Jenners, we occasionally find something worth consideration. On August 25 a funeral mass was celebrated in the Italian town of Montefortino at the chiesa della Madonna dell’Ambro. The recipient of the mass was a Capuchin friar, […]

Fotographia Interruptus (Dennis Aubrey)

We have learned one clear lesson so far on this trip – photographing churches in Italy is a completely different experience than photographing them in France. In France, most of the time we enter, set up and spend the next three hours shooting to our hearts’ content. If anyone approaches us, it is usually to […]

A Brief Look at Ravenna (Dennis Aubrey)

Last Thanksgiving, PJ and I were dining with our good friend Diane Quaid, a hardy solo traveller who ranges across oceans and continents without a concern. Italy, China, Tibet, and Scotland are among her most recent adventures. At dinner that evening, Diane was talking about all the places she plans to see before she’s through. […]

Cognoscenti Travel

Mary and John McKean have founded a company called Cognoscenti Travel. John is an architectural historian who has been part of the Via Lucis community for several years now. Having followed the setup of their company, we are pleased to see that their offerings are public now. They describe Cognoscenti as follows: “We are a […]

Our 2015 Trip to Europe

The holiday season has been very intense for us but we have started to plan for our next trip to Europe in May and June. There will be some very familiar places where we will repeat our photographic exploits, but also an entirely new (for us) experience. We are going to Italy! PJ and I […]