We get a cover (Dennis Aubrey)

Via Lucis images have been licensed by scholarly, art, architectural, and religious publications, but this month we have a first. The French magazine Science & Avenir (Science and Future) has licensed an image of the black madonna of Le Puy for the cover and an interior full-page. A science publication is probably among the last […]

A Carolingian Marvel (Dennis Aubrey)

When I was thirteen years old, the family lived in the small Poitevin town of Chauvigny, a town with a hill crowned by several chateaux and the wonderful Collégiale Saint Pierre. My brother David and I climbed all over that hill and explored every inch of the medieval town. We heard about a building where […]

The Nerve that is Dying (Dennis Aubrey)

They seek splendor; who would touch them must stun them; The nerve that is dying needs thunder to rouse it. William Everson, San Joaquin (1939) About 12 years ago I was part of a Los Angeles venture capital funding event called “Herring on Hollywood”, where Red Herring Magazine featured a number of companies that would […]

Geay (Dennis Aubrey)

There has been so much damage to the Romanesque monuments in the Saintonge region of France – the Hundred Years War was brutal, and then the wars of religion and the French Revolution continued the devastation – that it is difficult to find a church that has not been substantially rebuilt in the area. One […]

✿ Stillness crieth out ✿ (Dennis Aubrey)

“Stillness crieth out that something Great is nigh.” We seek connections every day, among our family, our friends, our colleagues, and sometimes even complete strangers. We seek connection with each other, and with life itself. We are surrounded with the tools of connection more now than ever before. The web, email, cell phones, texting, Twitter, […]