Église Saint Etienne de Vignory (Dennis Aubrey)

In the small town of Vignory, perhaps a dozen miles north of Chaumont in the Haute-Marne, is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in France. Built between 1032 and 1057 by Gui Vignory, the first Seigneur de Vignory, and his son Roger, the Église Saint Etienne preserves a nave, apse, and ambulatory that are essentially […]

PJ’s Chartres (Dennis Aubrey)

Every once in awhile life reminds me how extraordinarily lucky I am. In PJ McKey, I have a partner who not only tolerates my obsession with medieval architecture but is an equal collaborator in Via Lucis. So today’s post is simple – a sampling of some of the wonderful photographs that PJ took at Notre […]