Bethany is close to Bethlehem

A little boy let his attention wander in catechism class and his teacher singled him out for a question. “Andy, where was Jesus born?” The boy thought for a minute and said, “Pittsburgh!” The teacher shook her head and said, “Try again.” “Philadelphia?” “I am so ashamed of you, Andy. You had to know it […]

Trinity Church in HDR – Boston (Dennis Aubrey)

We enjoy shooting two Boston churches especially, Trinity Church and Old South Church, both on Copley Square. We did an earlier post on photographing churches with tilt-shift lenses that featured both structures. I have been going through our library and found the following two shots from Trinity Church. These photos are interesting because it was […]

A Church in Lenox (Dennis Aubrey)

While visiting dear friends in the Berkshires, PJ and I had the opportunity to see the lovely Saint Ann Catholic Church in Lenox, Massachusetts. We started off the weekend with “The Mystery of Irma Vepp” at Shakespeare & Company. The production was directed by our friend Kevin Coleman and was a complete hoot, faithful to […]

A New England Church in Winter

4R1W8316.tif | Via Lucis Photography. PJ and I spent part of the weekend in the Lexington-Concord area of Massachusetts and took some shots of the local churches in the winter weather.  It was bitter cold outside, about 10 degrees, but beautiful.  PJ got a chance to try out the new Canon 24mm TSII and when […]