Happy Easter

We were fortunate a few years ago to find yet another medieval sculpture of the patron of secular Easter celebrations, Saint Saliento Lepus. We repost it this year as a reminder of the seriousness of the secular celebration. According to our research, Saint Saliendo Lepus was a 3rd century noble Roman rabbit who incurred the […]

Église Saint-Géraud (Dennis Aubrey)

The present-day town of Monsempron-Libos is an amalgam of two separate communities. Monsempron was a fortified monastic village that developed around the Benedictine priory founded by the abbey in Aurillac in the 11th century. The town and the priory were built on a small hill overlooking the confluence of the Lot River and its tributary, […]

Our First Podcast!

PJ and I are proud to announce our first podcast for Via Lucis. We have been thinking about doing this for about three or four years, but just got around to it now. The first episode – the Sack of Béziers – was published today on the Podbean platform, but is available at all the […]

The Pegasus (Dennis Aubrey)

“Indeed during the Middle Ages there existed a sort of cinema in colors of which no trace has survived; just as in the sudden dawning of a larger hope amongst men who had not forgotten the dark age whence they had emerged but yesterday – a dawning symbolized by the great cathedrals soaring heavenwards – […]

Memories (Dennis Aubrey)

Recognizing truth is a matter of experience because it involves distinguishing the real from the illusory. Experience itself is a product of memory. And memory is even more complex than truth. And so the pattern gets more multi-faceted the deeper we look, like one of Mandlebrot’s mathematical phantasms. What appears at first simple becomes infinitely […]