The Woods of Our Lady (Dennis Aubrey)

So often we find glorious Romanesque churches in the smallest villages of France, often remnants of a remote abbey with a village that grew up around it. Sometimes we see modest parish churches that have survived a thousand years. And other times we find something a little more surprising, a small village that once had […]

Our Lady of Bernay (Dennis Aubrey)

The abbey church Notre Dame de Bernay is one of the earliest examples of Norman Romanesque architecture that remains to us. It is no longer a consecrated church and currently serves as a community exhibition hall and tourist attraction in the center of the town of Bernay. It was empty when we shot there in […]

Revisiting Cuxa (Dennis Aubrey)

Our original post on the famous Abbeye Saint Michel de Cuxa in the Pyrénées-Orientales gives much of the history and description of the church. I won’t repeat those contributions in this post, but will merely show the photographs that were taken to supplement those taken earlier. This time we arrived in the early afternoon at […]

Église Saint-Maurice-la-Clouère (Dennis Aubrey)

We discovered the town of Saint-Maurice-la-Clouère in the Vienne quite by accident. We were staying in Montmorillon for three days, about 25 miles away, but this was not the means of discovery. We were visiting our lifelong friend Thérése Gayet in Vivonne and while dining at her house she told us about the church a […]

New Podcast Episode – Madeleine’s Basilica in Vézelay – Part 1

PJ and Dennis Aubrey discuss the famous Basilique Sainte Madeleine in Vézelay, France, one of the greatest Romanesque churches in the world. They have probably spent more time here than in any other church in France and their experiences range from days of perfection in photography to moments of the most personal spiritual reflection. […]