Two Forgotten Cathedrals – Digne and Senez (Dennis Aubrey)

Today’s post is on two of the forgotten cathedrals of the Haute-Provence, Cathédrale Notre-Dame-du-Bourg in Digne-les-Bains and Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption in Senez. Both Digne and Senez lost their episcopal standing at the French Revolution, like so many other dioceses in the region. In fact, while we were shooting in this region of the Haute-Provence, we noted […]

Cathédrale de Saint Pierre, Poitiers (Vienne)

Saint Pierre nave.tif | Via Lucis Photography. This is the Angevin cathedral built by Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine (I almost said Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn).  It is a wonderful example of Angevin Gothic and is graced with one of the most beautiful examples of medieval stained glass, the Crucifixion window at the […]