Allier (Dennis Aubrey)

I have always thought of the central French department of the Allier as a place one goes through on the way to somewhere else. We learned differently after three and a half days centered on the town of Ygrande near Bourbon-l’Archambault where we found a cluster of churches that ranged from spectacular abbeys to modest […]

Modest Discoveries (Dennis Aubrey)

Craig Shier wrote to us last week about our post on the Église Saint Gal de Langast, “It’s great that you are documenting these “lesser” churches. There was tremendous diversity beyond that seen in the “great” churches.” We have already shot 37 churches in our two weeks in France this year, and of those, 30 […]

Saint-Avit-Sénieur (Dennis Aubrey)

It’s all about research. One fact about my family is that we love research. My brother John Paul is a professional researcher. Brother David is a Ph.D. oceanographer and has hundreds of publications to his name. Sister Ann is a writer/editor and has innumerable titles on her resumé. I’m not in their league, but make […]

Église Mont Saint Vincent (Dennis Aubrey)

Burgundy has one of the greatest concentrations of Romanesque churches in France. At its historical epicenter was the Abbey of Cluny, now unfortunately almost completely destroyed, the seat of power of the Benedictine monastic world for centuries. At the height of that power, the black-robed monks could boast over a thousand dependencies, monastic institutions which […]

Église Sainte-Croix de Veauce (Dennis Aubrey)

In September of 2011, PJ and I spent four days exploring the area around Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne, a town in the Puy-de-Dôme. The nearby the Val de Sioule in the Department of Allier is home to the small village of Veauce. Veauce’s Église Sainte-Croix is an 11th Century jewel of French Romanesque architecture that was listed as […]

Dennis’ Chartres (Dennis Aubrey)

Now please don’t think that I’m jealous of PJ or anything, but I’ve just realized that we’ve done two posts on her photos of the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Chartres and none on mine! It’s not like I wasn’t there – who was it locked in the underground crypt with her? Who was it who […]

More Celestial Vaults (Dennis Aubrey)

Shooting Romanesque and Gothic vaults has become one of my passions and I’ve finally worked out some techniques that allow me to get consistent results. I’m not one of these folks who can lie on my back and shoot upwards, and instead have to rig the camera properly to get the shots. The Canon 17mm […]