A Radio Podcast Featuring Via Lucis

Last summer when we had our exhibition at the Marian Library at the University of Dayton, we were interviewed by Radio Maria. Here is a link to the interview (about 45 minutes long) where we talk about the Vierges Romanes and Black Madonnas that we photograph in France and Spain. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “A Radio Podcast Featuring Via Lucis

  1. I was delighted to receive your radio programme by email today and to learn about your experiences in photographing the Black Madonnas of France especially your perilous trip up the ladder.

    My first visit was in Le Puy where friends took me many years ago. Unfortunately it was Holy Week when all the statues are covered with purple cloths so I never did get to see Notre Dame du Puy.

    However I have visited Chartres Cathedral several times before the restoration took place and saw the beautiful Notre Dame du Pilier there. I am afraid that I was reduced to tears when I saw the same statue having been cleaned with a notice saying no candles were allowed to be lit. I had always understood that the Black Madonnas were the result of candles having been lit in prayer over the ages.The chapel had always been a place of prayer before … I am so glad I saw it in its original state.

    1. We have been so lucky to photograph these vierges over the years. There are still so many that we have not yet seen! The Chartres Notre Dame du Pilier is a shocking change from the previous version, but we can just rest assured that the colors will mute and the spirit of the vierge will re-emerge.

  2. Dennis,how I wish I could have seen your exhibit! Too far from Columbia, SC. Is it possible to get a copy of the exhibition catalog ?

    I just returned from a biking tour of the Costa Brava and saw a lovely small Black Madonna in the church of the little town of Pals, all gold and brown, in a glass case. Are you familiar with it? There’s also an amazing collection of Thrones of Wisdom in the medieval museum of Girona!

    1. Catherine, would love for you to have seen the exhibition. We are showing it again in January at the Shrine of Maria Stein for three months, but it is a long way from Columbia! Here is a link to the Dayton catalog (http://www.blurb.com/b/8783280-exhibition-catalog-the-throne-of-wisdom) and another to the smaller version for the upcoming Maria Stein exhibit (http://www.blurb.com/b/8978020-the-throne-of-wisdom-exhibition-catalog). We should also discuss you doing an introduction for a future version of this exhibition.

      1. Dennis, the catalogs are stunning. But the in-depth Introduction to the Maria Stein catalog is particularly profound and touching! What would it take to bring your exquisite exhibit to South Carolina, Bible Belt that it is?

      2. Catherine, thanks so much for this. We would be glad to make the exhibition available (March would be the earliest time frame). Please email me and we can begin the discussion.

  3. Dennis and PJ… For some unknowable reason, I stopped receiving notifications of your new posts many months ago. I apologize for not pointing this out sooner. I’m now “Following” again, as I catch up on previous posts. I didn’t know of your illness, and am so glad that you are doing better. Your exhibition schedule is wonderful. In my humble opinion, ALL of your images are worthy of display, and I know that every visitor to these events will feel the same way. Have a beautiful holiday, and I look forward to being a member of the Via Lucis family again. Most sincerely, Vann Helms, Lake Lure, North Carolina.

    1. The good thing, Vann, is that I discovered your blog today! We have four new exhibitions already scheduled for next year, so it will continue to be busy. The best news is that my health has improved enough so that PJ and I are beginning to plan a Fall trip to Europe – including Corsica and Sardinia!

  4. PJ and Dennis,
    I just returned to New York from Seoul, and listened to your podcast. Congratulations on your exhibitions! I am very happy to learn that your health has improved, and you are planning a trip to Europe.

    1. Am getting better, Jong-Soung. We have four more exhibitions scheduled already for next year (two in January) so we are busy with that. Hope to start writing again soon … right now am setting up new storage for our photographic files!

  5. I practically understood the whole interview (despite the microphone and my bad English)!!

    I am very proud to be a member of your digital community and, especially, to have met you in your last “glorious” trip through the Pyrenees…

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