New Podcast – Sainte Marie de Souillac

My favorite place in the world is on a small tributary of the river Dordogne  near the town of Lacave, about ten miles from the great pilgrimage site of Rocamadour.  It is the hotel Le Pont de l’Ouysse, which I have been visiting since 1986.  It is my omphalos, the navel of my world, where everything comes into balance and harmony.  Near this wonderful rustic hotel is the commercial town of Souillac, unexceptional except for a stunning abbey church, Sainte Marie-de-Souillac. This podcast explores the church itself, but concentrates mostly on the unrivaled sculpture inside, including the mysterious trumeau.

Trumeau and tympanum, Église Sainte Marie, Souillac (Lot) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

Here are some links to articles we have written about the the Église Sainte Marie de Souillac:

Sculpted Miracles of Souillac
Sainte Marie of the Marshes

This podcast can also be found at the following hosting sites along with all of our other previous episodes.


Please listen and if you are so inclined, follow and comment. We are anxious for feedback on this newest Via Lucis venture.

6 thoughts on “New Podcast – Sainte Marie de Souillac

  1. For those who have a “bad”connection….it’s more difficult to listen to a podcast than to read comments………

      1. Yes………but I still prefer to read messages rather than to listen…because of the bad connection. But I will keep trying!

  2. Ah, a beloved familiar rustic hotel on a stream, near an exceptional commercial town inhabited by a stunning Abbey church – heaven on earth.

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